Data Center Assistance Group, Inc.
We provide consulting and sales assistance to our clients.


Automated Personnel System DCAG has developed an Automated Personnel System that matches prospect to job (one-to-many), tracking, logging, and reporting.

Asset Management System - Created by DCAG to support Asset Acquisition, Re-Deployment, and Termination in adherence to DoD and EPA laws and regulations.

Personnel Productivity System - Created by DCAG to improve employee performance through Work-Flow Management, Training, and Career Path opportunities for personnel.

Standards and Procedures Manual - We created a complete Standards and Procedures Manual for multiple client and an example of the manual and its section is posted under Services.

Enterprise Resiliency and Corporate Certification - DCAG's Tom Bronack wrote a book on 'How to Achieve Enterprise Resiliency and Corporate Certification", which is included in the Home Documents section.  Enterprise Resiliency combines all of the recovery disciplines into a single group using the same tools and language, while Corporate Certification is responsible for insuring that the company adheres to the laws and regulations of countries where they do business.

Full-Range of Professional Consulting Services - DCAG also provides consulting, management, placement, sales, and services related to data center builds, relocation's, and decommissions.  

Recovery Management and Co-Location Assistance - We can assist firms build co-location or remote locations needed to support recovery operations in the event of a disaster.

Vendor Management and Critical Supply Line Analysis - We interface with a wide-variety of vendors providing products that can support recovery operations, including: hardware, software, and services.