Data Center Assistance Group, Inc.
Tom Bronack, president

About Us

Tom Bronack has over thirty years of experience in the Information Technology industry, ranging from technical through senior management positions within organizations from very large to medium sized to start-ups.

Starting his career with IBM's Field Engineering Division as a mainframe CE and PSR attached to the New York Banking office, Mr. Bronack then joined Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank (Computer Risk Management and Technical Support Manager), Chemical Bank (Manager of computer capacity and performance), Storage Technology Corporation (NE Regional SE Manager supporting 135 field personnel and 45 salesmen), and as the Systems Programming Manager at Securities Industry Automation Corporation supporting the NYSE and AMEX.  

In 1980 Mr Bronack created the Data Center Assistance Group to provide professional services to his client base, which was cultivated through personal friendships and professional reputation.  Initially, Mr. Bronack's clients asked him to assist them in developing solutions to technical and business problems, which led to implementing Problem and Change Control functions along with Operations Control Centers, Network Control Centers, Help Desk, and Contingency Command Centers.  Later he was asked to develop a Communications Management Controller (precursor to VMWare but on a mainframe level) that would perform load-balancing and automated recovery.  He then developed a Five-Year Business Plan for the IT Division of a major bank and implemented the plan by defining work-flow operations (from Development through Testing, Quality Assurance, Production Acceptance, Production, Support, and Maintenance), functional responsibilities, job descriptions, training, and career paths for the staff. 

These responsibilities led Mr. Bronack to creating an Automated Personnel System to respond to client needs for permanent and consulting staff needed to fill positions defined in the project plans associated with business products and services.  DCAG was then providing both professional services and staff augmentation, when we were approached to represent companies as product agents.  These products included software, hardware, vaulting, and relocation services to support recovery operations.

Mr. Bronack has been doing business as DCAG, while writing a book on "Achieving Enterprise Resiliency and Corporate Certification" and providing consulting assistance for various projects and start-up firms.

Last April, the NYC Metro Chapter of the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) asked Mr. Bronack to join its Board of Directors as the Director of Vendor Relations. He has held that position since and used the position to uncover new technologies and services provided by various vendors that can assist ACP members in the performance of their job.  He has increased membership and sponsors through his efforts and personal connections.

Contact Tom Bronack at if you want to discuss how he might be able to help your company improve its performance and safeguard its enterprise. More  information about DCAG and Mr. Bronack can be found in the drop-down Documents above.